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Gallery I


Gallery I

Gallery II
Including the mummy identified as Queen Hatshepsut.

Gallery III
Including the mummy identified as Queen Tiye.

 Gallery IV
Featuring the controversial KV 55 mummy. Now with a revised reconstruction of ancient events in this perplexing tomb.

Gallery V
Featuring the mummies of Tutankhamen and his children. Still in preparation.


Gallery I 
Now including the
mummy identified as
Ramesses I.


Gallery I


Gallery I

Gallery II

21'st Dynasty Coffins from DB320
  Examine the coffins
of 21'st Dynasty Theban Rulers.

  Unidentified  Mummies

Gallery I
Including the mummy identified as Tutankhamen's mother.

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Inhapi's Tomb

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Special Exhibits

The Treasures of Yuya and Tuyu
  View the funerary equipment of Queen Tiye's parents.

 Tomb Raiders of KV 46
How thorough were the robbers who plundered the tomb of Yuya and Tuyu? How many times was the tomb robbed, and what were the thieves after? This study of post interment activity in KV 46 provides some answers.

Special KV 55 Section

Follow the trail of the missing treasures from mysterious KV 55.

KV 55's Lost Objects: Where Are They Today?

The KV 55 Coffin Basin and Gold Foil Sheets

KV 55 Gold Foil at the Metropolitan

Mystery of the Missing Mummy Bands

KV 35 Revisited
See rare photographic plates of a great discovery from Daressy's Fouilles de la Vallee des Rois.

Unknown Man E  
Was he really
buried alive?

The Tomb of Maihirpre
Learn about Victor Loret's important discovery of this nearly intact tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

Special Section:
Tomb Robbers!
Who were the real tomb raiders? What beliefs motivated their actions? A new perspective on the ancient practice of tomb robbing.

Special Section:
Spend a Night
with the Royal Mummies

Read Pierre Loti's eerie account of his nocturnal visit to the Egyptian Museum's Hall of Mummies.

Special Section:
An Audience With Amenophis II
Journey once more with Pierre Loti as he explores the shadowy  chambers of KV 35 in the early 1900's.

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Most of the images on this website have been scanned from books, all of which are given explicit credit and, wherever possible, a link to a dealer where they may be purchased. Some images derive from other websites. These websites are also acknowledged in writing and by being given a link, either to the page or file where the images appear, or to the main page of the source website. Images forwarded to me by individuals who do not supply the original image source are credited to the sender. All written material deriving from other sources is explicitly credited to its author. 
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    Many different works were used in the construction of The Theban Royal Mummy Project site. In order to make this site a useful online research tool, I have extensively documented my sources by providing bibliographies for every entry. All written data deriving from the work of other researchers receives explicit acknowledgement, either in the body of the text, or in the Source Bibliography which appears at the end of the text.
    My primary sources for images are the classic works of Maspero, Daressy and Smith, which (I believe) are now in the public domain. However, several impediments stood in my way when using these works: (i.) I obtained most them via interlibrary loan, and only had a very limited time to use them; (ii.) one of the books had water damage, and some of the prints were badly stained and faded; and (iii.) all of the books were in a fragile condition and would have been damaged had I attempted to scan all of the plates. Therefore, I have also used some ancillary images from other works, and have clearly noted this on the pages which use such images. In way of compensation, I provide links below to book sources where some of the books used by this site may be purchased.
    The Theban Royal Mummy Project is a completely non-profit enterprise (I'm doing this research as a labor of love) which collates and presents data on Theban royal mummies for free educational and research purposes only. It is in no way intended to provide a substitute for the written work of any professional Egyptologist, living or otherwise. I do sincerely hope that it will encourage an enthusiasm for Egyptology, and, toward this end, I highly recommend the following books:

The Mummy in Ancient Egypt
Hardcover, 352 Pages, Thames & Hudson, June 1998
ISBN: 0500050880 
Authors: Salima Ikram and Aidan Dodson 

Valley of the Kings: The Decline
of a Royal Necropolis
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The Complete Valley of the Kings:
Tombs and Treasures of Egypt's Greatest Pharaohs

Hardcover, 224 Pages, Thames & Hudson, October 1996 ISBN: 0500050805 
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Valley of the Kings : Exploring the Tombs of the Pharaohs
by John Romer
Paperback Reprint edition (February 1994)
Owlet; ISBN: 0805030271

The Valley of the Kings : Horizon of Eternity
by Erik Hornung
ASIN: 0943221072

 X-Raying the Pharaohs
Harris, James E. & Kent R. Weeks
Publisher: Scribners 1973 2nd pb prntg

The Royal Mummies
by G. Elliot Smith

Egyptian Mummies
by G. Elliot Smith

KMT: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt

New books will be added to this page whenever they are used as image sources for this site.